Thursday, August 28, 2008


This beautiful boy is Davakar. He is 5 years old at the time of the photo. His mom is still alive but has cancer and is unable to take care of him so he lives at the Home. Davakar is awesome because he is like an old man in a 5 year old boy's body. He has this adorable habit of walking around with this hands resting on the top part of his stomach (what I imagine a 60 year old man would do when taking his morning stroll in the nearby park). Davakar is also really thoughtful. He was in my class and would always be the first to finish projects such as the "autobiography" he is holding in the above photo. Whenever he finished his work instead of running around like a normal 5 year old, he would go around and help the other students finish their projects! Davakar is also incredibly smart. One of my favorite stories is that I was teaching the kids the words "fast" and "slow" and I said something like "I run slow!" at which point Davakar piped up and said "I run slowLY". I was floored. This kid is clearly a genius. Also just another example of what kind of intelligence and talents would have gone to waste without Sandhya and without the Home.

PS - Davakar is holding a page from his autobiography that I had the kids write. I taught them some simple sentences and they filled in the blank. Davakar's says "I love Sandhya. I like the color red. I don't like pacola. My favorite activity is reading."