Saturday, May 8, 2010

Everything Falls into Place..

Work went on. Sketches from the drawing books were scrutinized, chosen, cut up and stuck mentally with another sketch, edited and merged, teams chosen to work on a particular picture. There was a carnival-like atmosphere. Groups of children were working together on different pictures. Tins of paint were consumed and more ordered from the store. Littler ones were weaving in and out of the scene, running around in the playground.

Some folks from the local TV channels and newspapers popped over to get a piece of the action. Like any self-respecting journalist they thrust the mike in front of anyone (grown-up folks) willing to talk and asked Aapko kaisa lag raha hai? type of questions!
You can get a glimpse of the drama that was unfolding in the background.

The entire process was being captured on film. The children though were so involved in what they were doing that nothing mattered - not the heat, not the camera, not the scribes, not even the dinner-bell! Some of them were asked to tell the camera what was going on in their minds, what they felt about it all, what shelter meant to them.

What did they say you ask? Well, wait for the film!

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