Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Next Couple of Days..

..we all worked together.The children were shown various techniques of drawing. The emphasis was on HOW to draw, NOT WHAT to draw. We saw the transformation, they were starting to express what they felt on paper. One of them drew a house with two children in the foreground, holding hands. Friendship is a form of shelter, he said. Great going! A little girl showed us the sketch she had made - that of a mother with a child in her lap. Amma odi or mother's lap is shelter she said, and the woman in the sketch is Sandhya Auntie. Wow!
Yet another girl's sketch depicted a baby abandoned outside the gates of Aarti Home. Shelter is the hope that Aarti Home gives such children, she said.

We were humbled by the children's intelligence and sensitivity. Touched by their sense of loyalty to Sandhya Auntie and Aarti Home. Floored by their enthusiasm and sheer zest for life.

We felt grateful to have got this opportunity to work with them.

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