Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Behind-the-Scenes Story

Our brief was explore how creative practice impacts young lives positively. The theme we were to work with was shelter. We came up with a few possibilities, thought some more and narrowed down on the idea of the children producing a shelter-themed mural in Aarti Home - that would be creativity in action. We bounced the idea off George Kurian who was previously part of the team that made BBC2's documentary India's Missing Girls, and he offered to make the film for no fee. He also had many excellent ideas - you can see some of them in the posts that follow. We would capture on film their thoughts about shelter while they are creatively engaged.

After about a month of coordinating various aspects - what a learning experience this has been for me! - I now know how and where camera equipment can be hired for instance - we were ready to roll. George and I landed up in Kadapa and we were all set to go.

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